T6 Series Cartridge Kit Denison Single Pump Part T6C T6D T6E Carts

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T6, T7 Series-pin Vane Pump Cartridge  High pressure and high performance dowel pin type vane pumps widely used for plastic machinery, casting machinery, metallurgy machinery, pressing machinery, refining machinery, construction machinery, marine-machinery. Features 1.    With dowel pin vane structure, it can work in high pressure, low noise and long lifetime 2.    This vane pump can fit wide viscosity hydraulic medium, and be started at low temperature and worked at high temperature. 3.  ...

  • Navn: Vicks Hydraulisk Vane Cartridge
  • Strøm: Hydraulisk
  • Trykk: Høytrykks
  • Materiale: Rustfritt stål
  • Serie: T6C / T6D / T6E / T7B / T7D / T7E
  • Merke: Nvicks
  • Anvendelse: For T6 / T7 Series Single / Double / Trible pumpe
  • Feature: Lavt støynivå og lang levetid
  • Place of Origin: Ningbo, Kina
  • Levering: 7-15days
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    T6 , T7 Series-pin Vane Pump Cartridge 

    Høyt trykk og høy ytelse tappen typen vingepumper mye brukt for plast maskineri, støping maskiner, metallurgi maskineri, pressing maskineri, raffinering maskiner, anleggsmaskiner, marin-maskiner.


    1.     Med Tappen vingestruktur, kan den arbeide i høyt trykk og lav støy og lang levetid

    2.     Denne vingepumpe kan passe bred viskositet hydraulisk medium, og startes ved lav temperatur og arbeidet ved høy temperatur.

    3.     Som det vingepumpe fatter bilabial skovl, har det høy oljeforurensning motstand og stort hastighets omfang.


    Our  company

    Our company is general channel business of Taiwan Delta, Austria KEBA product industry. Its the strategic partner of Phase servo motor,
    Yunshen servo motor, Haitain drive and Sumitomo pump.

    Ningbo Vicks adhering to the development path of introduction, innovation and transcendence, and the business philosophy of high quality, high
    efficiency, low consumption, safety. Our company has became a world-renowned hydraulic pump manufacturer and one-stop solution expert
    of servo energy saving.


    T6﹑T7 Cartridge Kit Vicks Hydraulic Vane Cartridge

    NEI. Del Antall NEI. Del Antall NEI. Del Antall
    1 Slotted Pan skrue 2 6 Kit Vane  10 eller 12 11 cam Rubf  1
    2 Intern Tooth Seal Kit  2 7 rotor  1 12 Outlet Support Plate  1
    3 Kulelager  1 8 Pins  10 eller 12 13 retainer  1
    4 Inlet Support Plate  1 9 Seal Bush  1 14 Rektangel Seal Kit  1
    5 pin  3 10 Roundwire Snap Ringer for
    1 15 Rektangel Seal Kit  1



    T6DC -045 R 1
    Cartridge navn  Serie Flow-kode rotasjon tetting
    Enkelt pumpe kit
    Front kit double or treble pump

    Middle kit of treble pump

    Rear kit of doublle or treble pump 

    T7B (S), T7BB (S), T67CB, T67DB, T67EB, T67DBB, T67DCB, T67DDBS, T67EDB B02, B03, B04, B05, B06, B07, B08, B10, B12, B15 (Sett fra akselenden av pumpe)
    R-right hand for clockwise
    L-left hand for counter-clockwise
    Nitrile rubber
    T7D (S), T7DB (S), T7ED (S), T67DC, T67ED B14, B17, B20, B22, B24, B28, B31, B35, B38, B42
    T7E (S), T7EE (S), T7ED (S)
    T6C, T6CC, T67CB, T6DC, T6EC, T6DCC, T67DCB, T6DDCCS, T6EDC (S) 003 / B03,005 / B05,006 / B06,008 / B08,010 / B10,012 / B12,014 / B14,017 / B17,020 / B20,025 / B25,028 / B28,031 / B31
    T6D, T6DC, T67DB, T6ED, T6DCC, T67DBB, T67DCB, T6DDCS, T67DDBS, T6EDC (S), T67EDB 014 / B14,017 / B17,020 / B20,024 / B24,028 / B28,031 / B31,035 / B35,038 / B38,042 / B42,045 / B45,050 / B50,061
    T6E, T6EC, T67EB, T6ED, T6EDC (S), T67EDB

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