KePlast KEBA Automation by innovation


Optimized solutions for hydraulic, all-electric and 2-platen injection molding machines.

KePlast control systems have been specially developed for use in plastics processing machines.  The model series covers the entire specturm of applications from simple hydraulic and all-electric injection molding machines through to complex multi-component systems with process-integrated robotics.

Uniform concept

All machines have a uniform design regardless of whether they are hydraulic, hybrid or all-electric. All injection molding machines stand out thanks to:

Uniform engineering

Uniform look and feel

Uniform diagnostics and maintenance

Best price-performance ratio thanks to customized solutions

The control systems and electrical drive technology used in the injection molding machines are precisely optimized toward their intended application. Thanks to the innovative solutions from the scalable Keplast series, expensive undersizing and oversizing have become a thing of the past.

Post time: Jun-19-2019
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