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T7 Series  Single pumps High pressure and high performance dowel pin type vane pumps widely used for plastic machinery, casting machinery, metallurgy machinery, pressing machinery, refining machinery, construction machinery, marine-machinery. Features 1.With dowel pin vane structure, it can work in high pressure, low noise and long lifetime2.This vane pump can fit wide viscosity hydraulic medium, and be started at low temperature and worked at high temperature.3.As the vane pump ado...

  • Item Namme: T7 Denison Hydraulische Truck Pump
  • Power: Hydraulic
  • Druk: High druk
  • Materiaal: Stainless Steel
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Brûken: Oil
  • Theory: Rotary pomp
  • Struktuer: Single toaniel pump
  • Plak of Origin: Ningbo, China
  • Delivery: 7-15days
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    T7 Series  Single pumps

    Hege druk en hege prestaasjes dowel pin type vane pumps soad brûkt foar plestik masines, útbringen masines, metallurgy masines, drukken op masines, raffinaazjetechnyk foar masines, bou masines, marine-masines.


    1.With dowel pin vane struktuer, kin wurkje yn hege druk, lege leven en lange lifetime
    2.This vane pomp kin passe breed viscosity hydraulische medium, en begûn wurde by lege temperatuer en wurke by hege temperatuer.
    3.As de vane pomp oannimt bilabial vane, dat hat hege oalje pollution ferset en breed snelheid tapassingsgebiet.

    Our  company

    Our company is general channel business of Taiwan Delta, Austria KEBA product industry. Its the strategic partner of Phase servo motor, Yunshen servo motor, Haitain drive and Sumitomo pump.

    Ningbo Vicks adhering to the development path of introduction, innovation and transcendence, and the business philosophy of high quality, high efficiency, low consumption, safety. Our company has became a world-renowned hydraulic pump manufacturer and one-stop solution expert of servo energy saving.



    NEE. Diel Qty NEE. Diel Qty NEE. Diel Qty
    1 shaft 1 5 Cir Clip Foar Shaft 2 9 cartridge Kit  1
    2 Straight Key  1 6 Ball Bearing  1 10 rear Cover 1
    3 Foarkant 1 7 Cir Clip Foar Hole 1 11 Hexagon Head Bolt 4
    4 shaft Seal  1 8 Rjochthoeke Seal Ring 1      

     <Model Designation

    T7B S -B10 -1 R 00 -IN 1 01
    Searje type Code  Flow koade shaft 
    rotaasje port posysjes design


     ISO 3019 Ynstallaasje flange


    SAE J744 ynstallaasje flange 

    B02, B03, B04, B05,
    B06, B07, B08, B10,
    B12, B15
    Sjoch fan de Welle (Views út as ein fan pump)

    R-rjochterhân foar klok mei

    L-lofterhân foar counter-klok

    (Views út as ein fan pump)
    00-Tsjinoer inlet haven 01-Inline mei ynholte 
    02-90 ° CCW fan ynholte 
    03-90 ° CW út ynholte
    IN 1-S1, 
    Nitrile rubber



    T7D B14, B17, B20, B22,
    B24, B28, B31, B35,
    B38, B42
    T6C NEE:

    yndustriële type


    truck type


    truck type double seal kits

    003 / B03,005 / B05,006 / B06,008 / B08,010 / B10,012 / B12,014 / B14,017 / B17,020 / B20,022 / B22,025 / B25,028 / B28,031 / B31
    T6D 014 / B14,017 / B17,020 / B20,024 / B24,028 / B28,031 / B31,035 / B35,038 / B38,042 / B42,045 / B45,050 / B50,061

    003 / B03: In ferpleatsing koade, 0 betsjut ien stjoer fentyl plaat struktuer, B betsjut de twa steering klep plaat struktuer.

    <Technical Data

    Searje  Flow koade
    Geometrysk displace-ment ML / r  Max. druk Mpa Max. speed r / min Min. speed r / min
    hydraulyske oalje 
    Genneral hydraulyske oalje of fosfaat eater fluid Water glycol floeistof of wetter-oil emulsions

    Genneral hydraulyske

    oalje of fosfaat eater floeistof of antiwear hydraulyske oalje 

    water glycol

    fluid of fosfaat iter floeistof of wetter-oil emulsions

    instant  Kontinu  instant  Kontinu  instant  Kontinu 
    T7B (S) B02 5.8  35 32 24 21 17.5 14 3600 1800 600
    B03 9.8 
    B04 12.8 
    B05 15.9 
    B06 19.8 
    B07 22.5 
    B08 24,9 
    B10 31.8 
    B12 41.0  30 27.5 3000
    B15 50.0  28 24
    T7D (S) B14 44.0  30 25 24 21 17.5 14 3000 1800 600
    B17 55.0 
    B20 66,0 
    B22 70.3 
    B24 81,1 
    B28 90.0 
    B31 99.2 
    B35 113.4  28 2800
    B38 120.6 
    B42 137.5  26 23 2500
    T7E (S) 042 132.3  25 21 21 17.5 17.5 14 2200 1800 600
    045 142.4 
    050 158.5 
    052 164,8 
    054 171.0 
    57 183.3 
    062 196.7 
    066 213.3 
    072 227.1 
    085 268,7  9 7.5 7.5 7.5 7.5 7.5 2000

    003 / B03: In ferpleatsing koade, 0 betsjut ien stjoer fentyl plaat struktuer, B betsjut de twa steering klep plaat strucrure.
     <Operation Performance

    Mei help fan de anty-wear hydraulische oalje, de oalje viscosity 24cst.

    More pics

    T7 单泵.jpg



    Advanced Equipment




    Our services 



    1. Customer: Can I get 1pcs sample to test the quality?

    Vicks Hydraulic: Yes, we would like to sell 1pcs sample for you to test.

    2.  Customer: If there is something technical problem, how do you to help us.

    Vicks Hydraulic: we will send you video and operations guide, which we will teach you to understand how to solve it.

    3. Customer: How many days for mass production?

    Vicks Hydraulic: About 25-35days after the order is confirmed.


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